Before the arrival of the horses in Wadi Rum
Grandmother After three months in the home of the family of Ahmad I moved to my own house. Ahmad wanted
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Ancient Arabians? A closer look at ancient Egyptian horses
Written in collaboration with  LonnekeDelpeut, BA Egyptology, specialising in Ancient Egyptian Horse imagery “The pharaohs were able to extend the
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Syria : Home of Horses
After having seen the images of the horses brought to Damascus for the celebration of Independence Day, I started thinking
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Endurance, canter to the check point, Wadi Rum, Jordan
Endurance Wadi Rum, Jordan
About 65 horses are brought together. Not just normal horses, racing horses for the Endurance.  They come from everywhere. Pure
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An Arab Stallion’s reputation
Marwan Abusoud is a Palestinian breeder based in Texas, born  with a great passion for the Arab horse. He tells
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Necklaces and the evil eye
Decorating one’s horse is something of all cultures. We all do it. But one particular thing caught my eye when
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The horses are arriving in Wadi Rum
Without horse, she didn’t survive, with a truck with my personal stuff I managed to come in Quwayra, a non
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Book Review: Noble Brutes
Noble Brutes: How Eastern Horses Transformed English Culture, Landry, Donna. The John Hopkins University Press, 2008. In light of a
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A true Desert Bred horse
When we speak of a desert horse most people will immediately assume the conversation is about Oriental horses, or just 
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Eye of my dearest desert horse Samiha, drawing
House or barn? Suddenly the word pets gets a very different meaning. Imagine: you build a house but do not
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