About us

Hylke is founder and editor of rememberingadeserthorse.org. Hylke studied Middle East studies and Arabic at Radboud University and earned a MA at the same university, specializing in Arabic linguistics. Currently she is working on a PhD research at Leiden University which focuses on the connection of the Arabian horse to the Arab Identity in the medieval Middle East. When she is not reading and writing Hylke loves to ride horse, cook and crochet. To get in touch you can use the contact form.

Lonneke did her BA and MA in Egyptology in Leiden, the Netherlands. She developed a strong interest in Egyptian art history, in which she specialised during her MA. In 2015 she founded the Association for Students of Egyptology to bring together fellow Egyptology students online. Her MA thesis was about the different aspects of imager in ancient Egypt, taking horses as a case study. Her favourite horses are the ones that nibble back when you scratch their neck, she loves books, travelling and organising stuff. Lonneke edits the Remembering a Desert Horse newsletter and plays a key role in organising the Lecture sessions of Remembering a Desert horse.

Brenda van den Brink is living and working in Jordan since 2009.  In the desert of Wadi Rum she is a guide on both horse and  camelback, travelling through the Wadi Rum, to Petra and to Aqaba as well as the desert of Hisma to Humeima. Ever since she was a little girl of 4 years old, she was involved with horses and started riding on the North Sea beaches in the Netherlands. Later she started developing her talents  in dressage, jumping in order to fullfill her goal to learn to ride the most “difficult” horses of the stables. Brenda now takes groups and individuals on unforgettable horseback riding and camel tours throughout Jordan. Living in Wadi Rum is her dream come true, connecting her love for the desert and her passion for the Bedouin horses.  www.jordan-desert-journeys.com